Pet First Aid Certificate Courses  are offered frequently through, Langley Continuing Education, and through Burnaby Board of Education, Burnaby Community & Continuing Education School District 41. Registration is easy.

We offer Corporate Training and Group Bookings as well as on-site training. Please contact us directly for pricing on the events.

​​Our certified Pet Emergency First Aid course is designed to give pet owners and all individuals who work with pets, the knowledge and the skills to assist a dog or a cat in an emergency situation and prepares rescuers to respond to life-threatening emergencies involving domestic animals. Recent studies suggest if just one first aid technique was applied an additional 25% of animals that are in distress could be saved. Pet First Aid training improves an animal’s chances of surviving.

Our Pet First Aid course has been evaluated and recommended by veterinarians as a lifesaving tool for pets. The course is recommended for all pet owners, pet caregivers, breeders, groomers, pet sitters, dog walkers, daycare attendants, foster parents for rescue groups,  and is an excellent refresher course for Veterinarian Technicians.

Dog Bite Prevention program

This excellent program teaches children and their parents to read dog body language. This skill is on the front line of prevention. When you can understand what the dog is saying, you can better manage the environment to prevent any unfortunate situations. Also, teaching children to respect another living being is very important. Respect for a dog will create a safe environment. Using pictures with easy to understand explanations and interactive role playing helps children and parents understand how to respect and respond to a dog. Their support and partnership with other areas of dog bite safety such as Dogs and Storks, and on line seminars for adults who are in fields of work where they encounter dogs makes this a very well rounded program.

All Instructors for these courses are certified in First Aid by the Canadian Red Cross and certified in: 

  • ESS ( Emergency Social Services), Disaster Management
  • Animal Psychology
  • Pet Nutrition
  • Animal Behavior

Certificate Course 

Many people aspire to work with animals. This course gives a firm grounding with essential skills such as animal handling and restraint techniques, pet psychology,recognizing pain,as well as an understanding of technical terms, anatomy and physiology, and first aid. This course teachs the essentials of working in the pet care industry and the hands-on training for a career as a Dog Daycare Attendant, Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, Kennel Attendant, Veterinarian Assistant, Dog Trainer Assistant, Animal Control Officer, Pet Rescue Worker.This course is of benefit to anyone with an interest in animal health, working with animals, or wondering if a career in the pet care environment is right for them. It includes an overview of how veterinary practice works, health and safety, and coping with emergency situations as well as emotional issues such as euthanasia.

Pet Care 101 essentials of working in the Pet Care Industry

Dog BIte Prevention, Dog Safety at work